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Below are Frequently Asked Questions about MRC. Click on a question to view the answer.

General Questions (10)

Do I have to be a medical professional or hold a healthcare license?

NO.  You do not need to be a medical professional or hold a healthcare license.  Anyone can join MRC as long as they meet the minimum qualifications.  During a large-scale public health disaster, we will need people with many different skill sets to come forward and assist in order to get the community back up on its feet.  The reason we are called MEDICAL Reserve Corps is because we respond during medical and public health incidents.


What types of volunteers are you looking for?

The Miami-Dade MRC is looking for a variety of individuals. The MRC needs practicing or retired Florida-licensed health care professionals such as physicians, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, health educators, epidemiologists, and paramedics/EMTs, to name a few.

The MRC also needs volunteers for key support roles in logistics, administration, greeting, education, communications, safety, security, clinic flow direction, registration, interpreters, pet care, and chaplain services.

How many people will be needed during an emergency?

This will depend on the size and scope of the emergency and the needs of the community. If, for example, the entire population of Miami-Dade County requires vaccination, hundreds of individuals would be needed to staff vaccine dispensing points. The Miami-Dade MRC strives to recruit as many qualified people as possible so that our unit can be fully prepared to help staff an emergency response.

What kinds of tasks will I be assigned?

The Miami-Dade MRC makes every effort to match volunteers’ skills and interests with existing needs. After you complete your MRC Basic Training you will have the opportunity to attend Advanced Training opportunities that can better prepare you for an appropriate role based on your qualifications and interests. You will never be asked to perform a function which exceeds your scope of knowledge, skills, abilities or comfort level!

Will I have liability protection?

Yes! As part of completing the application and credentialing process, you will complete the State of Florida’s Volunteer 110 application. The Volunteer 110 document provides MRC members with sovereign immunity (liability) and Workers Compensation protection while working with the MRC during approved activities. More information is provided at MRC New Volunteer Orientation session.

Am I required to report for duty at the time of an emergency? What if my employer needs me or I have family commitments?

As an MRC volunteer, you should expect to be called to help in an emergency. You should be as prepared as possible, and make plans for your family so that you are available to help. However, work and family commitments are your first priority and are understood. We hope you will plan ahead and be prepared to assist your community with the MRC should an emergency occur. Ultimately, it will be your choice! Should you need to turn down a mission request, it will NOT impact your status with the MRC. You will be called again the next time we activate.

*Please see the FEMA Emergency Supply Kit list under the “Resources” tab that can help you in preparing your family’s emergency supply kit. 

What kind of training will I get for dealing with medical emergencies?

Miami-Dade MRC Basic Training consists of two introductory level courses from FEMA which will help you grasp a better understanding of the way emergencies are managed.  Additional training will be provided and is strongly encouraged.  Please see the “Training” tab for more information.

How will I be contacted in an emergency?

Part of the registration process when becoming a MRC volunteer involves you creating an online profile with the State Emergency Responders and Volunteers of Florida (SERVFL) website at www.SERVFL.com.  This is not only our database, but our notification system as well.  In the event of a public health emergency, this system will contact you via an automated message (phone call and email) alerting you to log-in to your profile and check the current mission requests.  It is of the utmost importance to keep your contact information in SERVFL up-to-date so that in the event of an emergency we can successfully contact you.   


Will I be asked to volunteer for an emergency event outside of Miami-Dade County?

The Miami-Dade MRC unit is intended to be a local response unit, a resource of Miami-Dade County. However, the state of Florida and/or National Medical Reserve Corps may request resources. When you register with MRC on www.SERVFL.com, you will be asked if you are interested in deploying around the state and/or nationally. Your service during such incidents is entirely voluntary.